P.A.T.S.Y. Audio Response Unit

Do your financial business on your time schedule. Our Personal Automated Teller Serving You (PATSY) line is available to you at all times. You can check your balance, transfer monies, check on direct deposits, make loan payments, and even balance your checkbook at your own convenience. All it takes is a telephone and your account number with PIN. Come in today to sign-up!

Personal Automated Teller Serving You

Accessing your account through the telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is as easy as dialing 275-9424 for local calls or toll free 1-866-275-9424. Enter your member number and the # key, then your personal security code (PIN) and follow the instructions. Even better than the 24/7 access is it's totally FREE. The following is the transaction menu:

Main Menu

  1. Transaction Menu
    1. Share to share transfer
    2. Share to loan transfer
    3. Loan advance to an account
    4. Loan advance by check
    5. Check Withdrawal from share account
    6. Share to other member share transfer
    7. Share to other member loan transfer
  2. Balance Inquiry Menu
    1. Share draft balances
    2. Share account balance
    3. Loan balance
    4. Certificate balance
    5. IRA balance
  3. Draft Inquiry Menu
    1. Cleared drafts
    2. Draft deposits
    3. Cleared drafts by drafts by draft number
  4. History Menu
    1. Share draft deposits
    2. Share deposits
    3. Share withdrawals
    4. ATM transactions
    5. ACH deposits
    6. ACH withdrawals
    7. Payroll deposits
  5. Dividends and Interest Menu
    1. YTD dividends
    2. YTD interest paid
    3. Prior years YTD dividends
    4. Prior years YTD interest paid
    5. Last dividend amount
  6. Rates and Services Menu
    1. Lobby and loan hours
    2. Drive through hours
    3. Voice response hours
    4. Loan Rates
    5. Savings rates
    6. Draft rates
    7. Certificate rates
  7. Other Options Menu
    1. Calculate a loan payoff
    2. Loan Amortization
      1. Calculate a payment amount for a loan
      2. Max. loan amount based on payment
      3. Reorder checks
      4. CD maturity date
      5. Receive marketing information
      6. Member voice mail
      7. Current date and time
      8. Change PIN number

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