About Us


On February 15, 1951, a special group of people, inspired by Ralph Burnett, met in a room at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) to establish a credit union. Those original incorporators were Charles V. Manes, Edward Hurt, Jr., Leroy Bond, C.V. Milliken, Clifford J. Smith and Ralph Burnett.

On April 9, 1951, Bison Federal Credit Union opened its doors. The office was located in Thurmond Hall on the campus of OBU. The staff consisted of volunteers and the services were limited to share accounts and fixed rate loans. By December 31, 1951, the membership had increased to 61 and the total assets were $4,704.24. After the success of the first nine months, the credit union never looked back.


Since we began, BFCU has grown to over 4,900 members and over $38 million in assets. We also offer a large variety of services including drive-thru, audio response, ATMs, Individual Retirement Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, checking accounts, debit cards and more. Our loan portfolio has also expanded to encompass all varieties of loans. We have become a full service financial institution striving to offer the most current technology without losing our focus of providing the best service. We will continue to live by our motto of "Serving you is all we do…"